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“O.K. & Co.” has been established in 1999 and joined American National Association of Music Merchants, NAMM.

Business contacts with world`s major music equipment manufacturers allow us to work efficiently and to promote cutting-edge technologies in musical instruments, sound and light equipment which assure us a leading position in the business.

            “O.K. & Co.” is inclined to promote only professional, hi-tech brands of musical instruments and sound equipment.

We have gained a remarkable experience in introducing world-wide known brand names to Russian clients and musicians.

Due to the special commercial and advertising activities all brands promoted by the “O.K. & Co.” company have not only become well-known, but also achieved leading positions in Russian and CIS (former Soviet Union) markets.

Company staff consists of 20 employees. To implement huge projects, whether installations or hiring, we also additionally invite professional engineers, who cooperate with us constantly.

We are always well informed about all the new technologies in MI, sound and light equipment industry and basing on that knowledge we choose our partners and we work diligently to promote their products in our national market.

The main direction which “O.K. & Co.” company is currently developing are

·    DISTRIBUTION of many well-known brands on the territory Russia and countries of CIS (former Soviet Union) of the following brands:

PREMIER, UK – drums and percussion, orchestral line,

SCHECTER, USA - professional electric and acoustic guitars,

DAISY ROCK, USA - professional electric and acoustic guitars for girls,

ENGL, Germany - guitar tube amplification,

ASHDOWN, UK - bass amplifier,

CAD, USA - condenser and broadcast microphones,


Besides we are direct distributors of:

MEINL, Germany – cymbals, percussion, 

KOENIG&MEYER, Germany – stands and accessories,

KLOTZ, Germany - professional cables,

CHAIN MASTER, Germany – hoists,

LTM, Lodestar, USA – hoists,

and many other well-known brands.


The Headquarter of the company is situated in Moscow and consists of an office, a showroom, where customers can always check out a full spectrum of the equipment being offered, and a stock. All this occupies 300 sq.m and is located in the Moscow Palace of Youth (MDM) – one of the biggest concert halls – right in the heart of the youth culture.

There are two concert halls, for 2000 and 3500 guests, in the Moscow Palace of Youth.

“O.K. & Co.” arranges regularly special events and shows in these concert halls in order to promote the brands.

In 2006 a trade mission of “O.K. & Co.” was launched in the Krasnoyarsk-city. The trade mission sells products supplied exclusively by the “O.K. & Co.” company.

“O.K. & Co.” company has a vast dealer network of Retail stores and a chain-stores in major cities of Russia and CIS, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl, Minsk, Kiev and more.


The “O.K. & Co.” company is engaged with designing and setting up miscellaneous sound and light installation projects in various levels – from schools through night clubs and hotels to huge concert halls,

Being one of the market leaders in promoting professional PA systems, “O.K. & Co.” is continuously involved in realization of major interesting and promising projects. Among such are installation of PA systems with use of different rigging systems in Great Hall of the Music Youth Palace: installations for several well-known international and Russian musicals: Broadway`s famous “42 Street”, Russian “12 chairs”, renowned show “Cats” and so on.

Mark Norfolk – an  American sound engineer and theater sound designer for SAVI Clifton  Park, New York, had chosen the “O.K. & Co.” company to perform and installation for “42 Street” musical and was very pleased with the result.


An important direction of our business is organizing various shows with participation of world famous and nationally recognized celebrities.

On May, 17th in 2003 on the stage of Central House of Artist in Moscow took place the first in Russia drummer show “Premier Drummer Day” featuring one of the most famous drummers in the world Mike Terrana. The show gained such a reputation and hit such a success, that events like that became one of prioritative ways in popularizing brand names, represented by  the “O.K. & Co.” company.

The “O.K. & Co.” company on a regular basis organizes clinics of Russian and foreign endorsers of our brands. The clinics take place in Moscow in a form of special dedicated shows or a special guest performances on music exhibitions.



The “O.K. & Co.” company is opened for any kind of cooperation and is ready to introduce new brands to the market of Russia and CIS countries.

We are looking forward to see new high quality brands in the large family of our brands and will put every effort to promote them in the market.

We consider of significance importance the fact, that all the income of the first year is invested in advertising and promoting a brand in the market.

Our reputation allows our dealers and clients to be sure of the quality of products, that we represent, since the “O.K. & Co.” company works on the promotion of only high-quality  brands.

We are developing very quickly and we are ready to cooperate with new partners. For all our partners we are the best opening door to the Russian market of sound, light, studio equipment and MI instruments.


119146 Russia, Moscow, P.O.B. 4

Moscow Palace of Youth

Komsomolsky prospect, 28

Tel./fax: (+7-495)968-78-52, 968-7853



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Почтовый индекс: 119071
Адрес офиса: м.Ленинский проспект, 2-й Донской проезд, д.10, стр.2, офис 511
Тел.: (495) 231-2361 (многоканальный)
E-mail: input@ok-co.ru

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